Or just visit one of our stores to sign up:

  • Comix Experience on Divisadero St. at (415) 863-9258
  • Comix Experience Outpost on Ocean Ave. at (415) 239-2669

Club FAQs

Q. Why did you start Graphic Novel Club?
A. San Francisco is raising it's minimum wage 43% over the next three years.  While we at Comix Experience absolutely support a living wage, this unprecedented increase puts a huge pressure on small businesses like us.  Graphic Novel Club is our solution...providing necessary income so we don't have to cut staff or hours, and fostering community through our stores.  Learn more>

Q. What books will I get?
A. Some months we might send you a more expensive book (if we had started this in February, the pick would have been Scott McCloud’s excellent “The Sculptor," which is $29.95), while some months it may be something less expensive – but every month you’ll get an accessible, compelling, and thoughtful piece of graphic fiction, and the value will be equivalent to the average price of a graphic novel over the course of the yearly plan.  Check out our online store to see some recent selections.

Q. What if I don’t live in the Bay Area – can I still join? 
A. Yes, absolutely! We just add $6 a month for shipping and handling for domestic US priority mail. We haven’t yet figured out a “one size fits all” solution for international shipping, but if you’re outside the US and you want to participate, call or e-mail, and we’ll work out an individual shipping solution for you.

Q. What if I can’t make it to a meeting or I live out of town?
A. We record all club meetings so if you’re out of town you’ll still be able to enjoy that benefit.  Club members can ask questions before the event even starts.  These advance questions will be asked live and the answers can be heard at your convenience.

Q. How do you choose each month's selection?
A. Drawing on Comix Experience's knowledgeable and passionate staff's top picks, we use a rating system similar to the Eisner Awards (which Comix Experience owner Brian Hibbs has judged).  Every month, each staff member nominates their choice.  We all read each nominated book, then vote on the ones we like best.  The one with the most votes wins.

Q. Where can I buy Graphic Novel Club selections and runners up?
A. You can buy them at Comix Experience, 305 Divisadero St., San Francisco 94117 or on our online store.

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Curated Graphic Novels, Private Events with Authors & Artists, Swag and More...

Every month, Comix Experience's talented staff uses our passion and experience to choose the single best brand new graphic novel to give you. This book will always be either a stand-alone experience, or the first volume of a new series. As a member of the club, you’ll also be entitled to unique benefits that won’t be offered to anyone else:

  • A curated selection of the best new graphic novel each month.
  • Monthly live book club meeting and social event to discuss that book. We record and stream the in-store meeting so club members all over the world can also participate.
  • Writers and artists of each of our picks participate in our monthly club meetings, (e.g. in person, speaking and doing a live event, or a video chat to answer questions).  Click here to see videos of past meetings archived on the bottom of our Events page.
  • Exclusive club-only invitations to attend a private after-hours in-person, in-store appearances by authors and artists
  • Social media group for members to discuss the book internationally.
  • Nice swag (like posters or these awesome bookplates) for the selected book wherever possible

Ways to Join the Graphic Novel Club

  • Month-to-Month: If you prefer to take it one month at a time, the price will be $25 a month, a tremendous value considering all the benefits we are offering.
  • Annual:  If you are willing to commit to a full year, the price drops to just $20 a month! You can quit at any time for a full refund on your unused balance. 

Annual memberships to Graphic Novel Club and Kids' Graphic Novel Club make great gifts!

Join Now!  Just Pick the Membership that Works Best for You!